what I'm up to


Sr. Engineering Manager

I joined Studocu as a Fullstack Engineer back in 2018, we were barely 30 people in total with a very humble team of 9 engineers and a dream to make education available for everyone around the world.

This is where I learned the most about product engineering and how to lead teams to make the best work of their lives through enablement and ownership of the domains they are exploring.

After they got their series B round of funding, we grew to over >130 people and scaled to have multiple product teams dedicated to different parts of the platform.

During this scale-up phase, I particpated in multiple recruitment phases we had not only as a technical reviewer but as an hiring manager too.

With the teams scaled up, I started taking part in more technical leadership of new opportunities for the platform.

I helped building features to connect students with experts to answer any questions about academic subjects,real-time chat experiences to get users to share platform content between themselves and now I'm leading the development of our mobile app 📱 and I'm having a blast doing it!


Kadfire logo

Fullstack Engineer 2015-2018

For a few years I helped Kadfire with their digital products which helped me grow my craft of UI work but also architecture of systems meant for scale.

I started by contributing to Railpoint, I built multiple interactive experiences for large touchscreens placed all around British train stations and helped improving the overall product with new features and bespoke development for clients.

I also built some SPAs using train data for multiple purposes but the main one was to navigate through all train times and allow users to create timetables for printing purposes

Finally, I built Tok-n, a service that allows Kadfire to create a proxy layer and be able to deploy train ticket POS on any screen with a browser.

The Agency 360

Fullstack Engineer 2012-2014

My first job, a good old classic marketing agency where I created static websites for products but also created some cool experiences for brand activation in some music festivals, overall a great kickstart into tech!